The Festival of Choirs will take place in Gorey from Thursday 9th – 12th of May 2019.  The Festival will run over 4 days with 25 Choirs consisting of singers ranging in ages from 4 to 80 preforming in 5 different venues around Gorey.

The aim of the Festival are to fundraise for the Wexford Hospice Homecare Service and for Choirs to come together to sing and socialise in a non-competitive event.  On the 10th May the Festival will also incorporate a Gala Concert to celebrate Gorey 400.  There are no tickets required for the events, donations will be taken at the door at all venues for the Wexford Hospice Homecare Service.

400 Voices, 5 Venues, 4 Days, 25 choirs – All Welcome

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